Politics In Gujarat During The Time Of Emergency

Party of Unity, or SLOUMA for short, is a patriotic Serb- Croatian national conservative alliance political party in Montenegro. The party is led by Dr. Milanovic. Recently, Dr. Milanovic has garnered much criticism from the opposition because he has made it clear that he will not push for a vote for the formation of a single country, but rather the parties for a united Croatia will form a government of countries. Although this was originally the policy of the SLOUMA party, Dr. Milanovic changed his tune on the evening of June 3rd. In his current words, “we cannot talk about forming a nation until we have a united Croatia.”

If Dr. Milanovic had been true to his word, he would have kept his word and allowed a free vote for a government of nations with a free press, separation of religion and state, and separation of powers. However, the truth is that the political party of unity headed by Dr. Milanovic is actually a vehicle for his own political agenda. Once in power, Dr. Milanovic used the party of unity as a way to garner support for his own government, using the people of Montenegro as a voting block in his favor. This resulted in the election of 17th of April as the new prime minister of Montenegro, Alexander Borislavo. The people of Montenegro were shocked when they saw that their elected prime minister was one of the people who fought against their struggle for freedom during the war.

On the evening of the 17th of April, the people of Montenegro once again became a part of the European Union (EU) and most of the Balkania countries that were recently independent started voting in local parliaments for their leaders. One of the first things that came to the forefront (again) of the minds of the people was the idea of a ” Balkania stitch together” party of unity. Although the party of unity had formed a government and is currently leading it, the idea of a party of unity, which seems to consist mostly of Dr. Milanovic and his party of friendship, is slowly fading away. As a matter of fact, the party of unity is now only consisting of a handful of members in the lower chamber of parliament.

One of the main reasons why the party of unity started fading away was due to the fact that the people were tired of Dr. Milanovic’s ruling party. The party of unity promised to remove corruption within the smallest of businesses, but it seems that Dr. Milanovic was more interested in getting re-elected than in making good on this promise. This started the decay of the party of unity. Another reason why the party of unity started to fail was because of the insensitivity of the people who were running it.

For example, in September of the last year, there were rumors that the leadership of the party of unity, which was composed of Dr. Milanovic, was trying to hide the name of the party from the voters. The rumor is that they were planning to hold a party of unity, but the name of the party was not supposed to be published by the media until after the next elections. The rumor claimed that the party of unity was planning to replace the name of the party with the name of a new political party, which would make it appear to the voters as a new political party but would in fact be nothing like it. However, the party of unity made no attempt to disprove these rumors or even to confirm whether the rumors were true or not. This caused much confusion among the voters and for many of them, the party of unity was no longer a viable option.

One of the most prominent members of the government of the country, who happens to be a doctor by profession, was accused of receiving money from the doctors’ association, and then he was appointed by the minister of finance, Mr. Sankharev. There were rumors that the minister of finance, Mr. Sankharev, had asked him to serve as an extra-Parliamentary minister for the elections. Another member of the cabinet, Mr. Ram Gopal Varma, was also accused of receiving money from the doctors’ association, and he was appointed by the minister of economy, Mr. Jagdish Thiagar. All these ministers of the PMO have denied all these charges, and there are calls from some of the opposition parties demanding for investigations into the scandals. The prime minister of India has promised to dissolve the lower house of parliament, the house of assembly, and form a new assembly with an expanded membership, to give way to a new constitution for the country.