Abraham Lincoln’s Party of Unity

Party of Unity, also known as the Patriotic Front is a splinter group from the Democratic Party of Integration which has was formed as a vehicle of the former ruling party and loyalist forces to deal with the demands of the former Milo Djukic’s party which was elected earlier this year. The current government of Montenegro is currently forming a new government. Many ethnic communities in the country want to form a “national assembly” to discuss issues that have been affecting their existence in the past years. Therefore, the DUI proposes to form a party of unity to cater to these demands and help build a united country.

The party of unity was formed in Mitrovica, near the Adriatic sea. It was created in response to the atmosphere of intolerance and racism experienced by several Serbs who were brutally killed in the war in the name of defending their city. This party of unity was formed as a vehicle to counterbalance the Milo Djukic party which came out openly in support of the Bosnian Muslims and the Croats against the Serbs. The party of unity was able to gather enough votes to enter the parliament after 7 rounds of voting and thus it obtained 5% of the vote.

According to the party of unity party, it has its core group of politicians which are known as the ” Patriotic Front”. These are the following; Mr. Milorad Vujcic, Mr. Aleksandar Vujcic, Mr. Predrag Matic, Mr. Zulic Sajic, Mr. Milan Kotić, Mr. enemy Jankovic, Mr. Milan Kostic, and Mr. Aleksandar Milorad. A few others that joined the party of unity later became the leaders of the party such as Mr. Miodragovic, Mr. Sajic, Mr. Djukic, Mr. Miodati, and Mr. Soto. However, these leaders of the party of unity are only some of the names that were known initially.

The origin of this party of unity goes back during the time when there were two different parties that fought for supremacy based on the issue of slavery. During the time of slavery in the former Yugoslavia, there were two different groups of people; those that were in the service of the slavery industry and those that were fighting for freedom. Slavery existed for about half a century during the colonial period in the Americas and during the early nineteenth century in the United States. However, the war in the former Yugoslavia brought about a situation of complete division between those that were engaged in the business of slavery and those that were fighting for freedom.

This is the reason why there was such a political party in the US at that time called the ” Republican party of slave-holdingstates’s rights”. This party called for the immediate freeing of all slaves in the states of Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas. At the time of the Civil War, there were already many free states that had passed the 13th amendment to the constitution of the United States. This amendment granted all people living in these states the right to vote for any candidate that they wanted for president based on their race, gender, religion, and other personal characteristics. This was the party of Lincoln.

The Southern slave-holding states during the time of the Civil War did not want this amendment to pass, and so they voted against it by a large margin. On the other hand, the Northern party was in favor of the amendment and they used Lincoln as their running mate in the upcoming elections. This is the reason why there are many people today who call themselves Republicans but do not actually stand for any of the platforms put forth by the party of Lincoln. As a matter of fact, many people today who claim to be Republicans claim that they are not really Republicans but rather part of the party of Lincoln on account of their support of the man who was their party’s Presidential Candidate for the last forty years.